* Set up starts at 7 am. Enter on south side of bldg.
* Please be ready at 9 am when public enters building
* Breakdown begins at 3 pm & building closes at 4 pm.

Location Group
A The Community Bike Shop (GSO)
B The Pedal Factory
C NC BikeWalk
D Bicycling in Greensboro
E Cycle NC/
F Piedmont Fat Tire Society
G  Carolinas Road Race & Time Trial Championship
H Mayhem  Cycling
I CyclePath Cycling/Ride for Mental Health
J Team Canterbury
K Team DeVine/
L Team Perpetual Motion
M Tour de Cure
N Bike MS/McCloy
O Hamil Kerr Challenge
P Rites of Spring
  Fuul with 17 thus far...Re-space & add more?

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